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We Buy Baltimore, MD Houses Fast!

Sell your house fast in Baltimore, MD regardless of the situation you’re in, the home’s condition, or age.

The team at Legacy Investment Group helps people sell their house by making cash offers. If we make you a cash offer and you are happy with it, we’ll move forward to closing as soon as your schedule allows it.

If you’re in a difficult financial situation and need to sell your house, we want to help! Our team of professionals wants to buy your home for cash so you can finally move on. We try to make the process as quick and as simple as possible.

We will always make all-cash offers and we guarantee that the process will be fast and efficient.

Homeowners We Work With

Many people believe that companies who buy houses for cash only work with homeowners who are facing foreclosure. While we often do help people facing foreclosure, this isn’t the only group we help. We buy houses throughout Anne Arundel County and in the Baltimore area, so regardless of your situation or current finances, we want to work with anyone who is looking to sell their house.

Are you experiencing one of these situations:

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Our Company’s Goal

Whether you’re going through a divorce or just inherited a home, we can help you sell your house so that you can get back to what’s more important. The team at Legacy Investment Group are experts in their field, so if you are feeling stressed out or worried about your home, we will be there to help guide you through the process.

Our process makes selling your home easy and efficient. After visiting your home, we’ll make you a cash offer and we can close on the house within two days. You never have to worry about making any repairs or renovations, or about keeping the house clean for when potential buyers come to visit it — so put the paintbrush down and stop looking at those cracks in the wall! We buy houses in all sorts of conditions.

Our Team is Local

The Legacy Investment Group is just that, an investment company. We aren’t real estate agents and we don’t want to just help you list your house, we want to buy your house.

We have worked with homeowners in a variety of circumstances throughout Anne Arundel County and Baltimore. We know that selling your house is an emotional and even scary process, but we’re here to remove all of the unnecessary steps, including hiring an agent and paying them expensive commissions and fees. Our team will take care of each step.

Here’s How to Start

The first step is to get in touch with our team. You can either call us directly at 410-344-7120, or you can fill out the contact form here.

After we receive your basic information, we will be in touch to schedule a time for us to see your home. After looking at the house, we’ll make you a cash offer! Remember, there is no obligation to accept and we will never pressure you into accepting. Above all, we want to help you sell your house fast.

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