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Dealing With Difficult Tenants


Dealing With Difficult Tenants

One of the benefits of owning real estate and being a landlord is having a reliable stream of passive income. However, there are also a variety of downsides to being a landlord, including property management, ensuring tenants pay rent on time, that they aren’t disrupting the neighborhood, aren’t doing anything illegal, and sometimes even having to navigate the eviction process.

If you are a landlord in the Baltimore area and are dealing with difficult tenants, here are a few tips you can follow.

Stay Calm

Managing landlord responsibilities is a job for a professional, and if things aren’t going well, responding with anything but professionalism can make matters worse. Whatever the situation is, try your best to remain calm and keep emotions out of it.

Keep Records

If tenants aren’t paying rent, keep a record of notices that you have sent. If they damaged the property in any way, make a record of what happened and include pictures or video to back up the claim. When the tenant first moved into the property, have them sign a contract and provide a copy for them as well as for yourself. This will be some extra work, but will decrease the risk of the tenants denying specific situations.

Stick to the Rules

The contract should include clear requirements and expectations for noise levels, rules on smoking, rent deadlines, fees when it’s not submitted on time, and more. If any of the requirements are violated, be sure to follow through on repercussions. If you make any exceptions to the rules, other tenants may expect the same treatment and can make it harder when or if anything else happens in the future.

Don’t Want to be a Landlord Anymore?

If you are tired of managing the landlord responsibilities, there are a few solutions, including hiring a property manager and selling the property.

Whether it’s a single family home or a complex, selling property can be challenging and time-consuming. At The Legacy Investment Group, we help homeowners get out of a variety of difficult situations, including being a landlord.

If you want to avoid the time and stress of working with a real estate agent, we can make you a cash offer for your home. Selling your house fast with an investment company is one of the easiest ways to move on from the challenges of landlord life. The process starts with a quick home assessment, where we will look at the condition of the home and the property itself, and we will come up with a cash offer for your home.

We understand that cash home buyers often have a bad reputation, but you can be confident that The Legacy Investment Group will always provide honest and trustworthy service. When we present the cash offer, there will never be any pressure or obligation to accept. Learn more about how the process works and get in touch with our team today!